Expert Marketing Strategies for Reopening Your Small Business

Following coronavirus closures, small business owners across the country are scrambling to reopen and get their customers back. But given the ongoing threat of illness and the current state of the economy, many consumers are still hesitant to venture into stores or spend their hard-earned cash online. Fortunately, a good marketing strategy can help your business get back on its feet. Here’s what you need to know about developing a solid marketing plan as you reopen your small business.


Overcoming Reopening Challenges

Small business owners are navigating a variety of challenges as they reopen post-lockdown. According to Cisco, funding issues are some of the most common problems facing small businesses right now. From managing decreased cash flow to marketing on a tight budget, small business owners everywhere are looking for funding help to get them through these tough times. Fortunately, small businesses have access to all kinds of funding options and grants available through government programs, nonprofit organizations, and private companies. These funding sources can come in handy whether you’re investing in business upgrades, rehiring staff, or testing new marketing strategies.

If your employees are working from home right now, you may also be dealing with remote communication and collaboration challenges. This is perfectly normal. It can take time to learn how to manage a remote team effectively! To help your team perform better together, follow a few principles when collaborating remotely. For example, Unitonomy recommends trusting your team members instead of trying to micromanage every project. It can also help to set a strong foundation of respect and belonging by reasserting your company’s mission and values during team meetings.


Why You Need a Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve worked through some of the problems facing your business right now, establish a marketing strategy so you can start making sales again. Marketing will benefit your company in several ways! A marketing strategy will engage your customers, build your company’s reputation, solidify customer relationships, and keep your business relevant—all of which are especially important during the pandemic.


How to Market Your Small Business

Numerous marketing strategies can help fuel business growth and get things going again after the lockdown. For example, you could focus on social media engagement, work with influencers to promote your products, produce videos that teach people something useful, or start a blog to connect with your customers and show yourself as an authority in your industry. If you need help creating videos or other multimedia content for your business, work with an experienced company like Arcos Multimedia Group!


Social media, in particular, is an excellent budget-friendly marketing channel. You can use social media to answer customer concerns, share your updated safety protocols, and monitor what customers are saying about how businesses are responding during the pandemic. If you have a bigger budget, you can also use Facebook and Instagram ads to build brand awareness, grow an email list, and test your products on new audiences.


Fine-Tuning Your Marketing Approach

Not all marketing avenues will work for all businesses. Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to implement too many marketing strategies at once. Instead, pick a few that have the greatest potential given your budget, target audience, and the types of products and services you’re offering. Content marketing is best for budget-conscious businesses that have the time to create great videos, graphics, and blog posts. Direct marketing strategies, such as emails and referrals, are ideal if you’ve already developed a large email list or connections with influencers. Whatever strategy you choose, you can incorporate some paid ads into the mix—but only if your budget allows it!


A strong marketing plan can help your business get back up and running again after a lengthy shutdown. Take advantage of strategies that will help you reconnect with your customers and position your businesses as a trusted source of information during these uncertain times. With the right approach, your customers will feel good about utilizing your services again.

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