As the internet shifted from text to video, I cringed. I prefer to read. But here’s the deal: Nothing builds rapport, gets traffic, and makes sales like a good video. I’ll explain. No matter how hard you try, some people will never feel like they know the “real” you until they see you on video. It’s strange… The Power of

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6 tips para el éxito personal y profesional

Todos definimos el éxito de diferente manera. Para algunos puede ser la habilidad para comprar un buen auto o tomar unas fabulosas vacaciones. Para otros puede significar ser capaz de proveer para su familia. Creo que es importante que te tomes un tiempo para que definas lo que significa el éxito para ti. Y por supuesto no debes conformarte con

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What Should a Professional Web Designer Offer

What Should a Professional Web Designer Offer A professional web designer or web design company should offer the following services: A free initial consultation to discuss your project You may want to go to their office, or they may come to yours, but you need to have a look at your current website (if you have one) and talk about

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